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Premi Hat

My friend asked me if I could crochet a hat for her premi granddaughter. So I came up with this pattern. It is a really easy one to do and came out so cute. Takes no time at all if you pay attention to your count in the first circle parts. I have put in the stitch count per round to help.

All terms are in American Crochet

Sl = slip stitch
Ch = chain
Sc = single crochet
Dc = double crochet


  • one skein of yarn (Don’t need more then half really) for main color
  • Small amount of yarn (left over scrap is great for this) for flower
  • yarn needle
  • size 3mm hook

Directions by rounds

  1. In a magic circle sc x 6 (6)
  2. 2 sc in each stitch (12)
  3. *sc, 2sc, *repeat x 5 (18)
  4. *sc x 2, 2sc, *repeat x 5 (24)
  5. *sc x 3, 2sc, *repeat x 5 (30)
  6. *sc x 4, 2 sc, *repeat x 5 (36)
  7. *sc x5, 2 sc, *repeat x 5 (42)
  8. *sc x 6, 2 sc, *repeat x 5 (48)
  9. *sc x 7, 2 sc, *repeat x 5 (54)
  10. *sc x 8, 2 sc, *repeat x 5 (60)
  11. *sc x 9, 2 sc, *repeat x 5 (66)
  12. *sc x 10, 2 sc, *repeat x 5 (72) ch 1 ( from no on you will only have 72 stitches no more increasing If you need a bigger size mine was 32cm around continue increasing rounds until you have the size you need. It’s about a cm a round)
  13. Db x 72
  14. sc x 72, ch 1
  15. repeat steps 13 and 14 3 more times
  16. Db x 72 and finish off. weave in ends (where your rounds started and ended is the back of the hat)
  17. on both sides of the hat attach main color and ch 75 then finish off. (This creates the ties for the hat.

If you want to do it in more then one color you can switch colors for any round you want.

easy crochet,

Directions for small flower

  1. Ch 5, sl to first ch to form a circle
  2. 10sc in circle, sl to first sc to attach round
  3. in the same stitch that you sl into do 3db and sl again, (this forms the petals of the flower) , skip a stitch
  4. sl into next stitch
  5. repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have 5 petals (4 more times)
  6. finish off leaving a long tail to sew the flower onto your hat.
  7. Sew flower to hat where you want it. I like mine on the side but you might like it in the middle. It’s your choice.

Enjoy your new premi baby hat.

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