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Weddings Galore


This past week we have had 2 weddings to go to and another one tomorrow. I quickly made up some cards for each one.

For the first one I took a patch I had embroidered of wine glasses and made that the center of the card. I glued it on to a black background and the black card onto a yellow one to pull out the color of the patch.  The bride told me (when she saw me at the second wedding ) how much she loved the card and couldn’t believe I would take the time to make it for her. I think I will make up a bunch of patches so I will have them for future cards. It made making a fancy card really easy and quick.

The second one I was also in a bit of a hurry as I had forgotten we needed to leave early for this wedding. I took some silver paper and ran it threw a heart embossing tool I have. I bought this a couple of years ago at one of my local craft stores. It did not cost a lot of money and has been very fun to use. It adds a nice texture to the cards. I then mounted the silver paper on a light blue background and that on a yellow to add more layers. I then clued a yellow flower and a gold heart to the corners. I added the words Mazel Tov (congratulations) in Hebrew to the silver paper. This left the back for a personal note.


The third card I cut the light blue background paper in the shape you see. I then took the dark blue paper and ran it threw my crimper ( The same type of tool as the embossing tool only this crimps the paper.) I also got this at the same craft store only more recently. I ran the paper threw the crimper from top to bottom and then from side to side to create the woven look you see in the picture. After gluing the woven paper to the light blue I stuck the heart and the flower on using foam two sided tape. This created a slightly more raised look to the heart and glued the flower strongly on . I decided to add the pearl stickers to fill in the space on the card. Again this left the back for my personal note to the couple.


And so three cards quickly and easily done in a short amount of time.


Let me know what you think in the comments below and post any pictures of cards you have made from the ideas above.

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