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Round Tuits – How Can You Get Anything Done Without One?

Round Tuits are the hardest things to own. We all need to get a round tuit for something or other. Before we get into where to get a round tuit, let us identify the different kinds of tuits.


Tuits come in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes.

Square Tuits – These tuits have a bad name and they come by it honestly. Square tuits are identified by their 4 sides, and the word “tuit” stamped, burned, screened, painted, printed or otherwise attached to its face. Getting a square tuit is essentially meaningless and worthless.


Blue Tuits – Effectively any color despite its name but usually blue, and made of solid wood, plastic or other inert material, these “devices” are designed to look like those little things you stick in your ear to allow you to make phone calls. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THESE. Blue Tuits will not allow you to make phone calls. They can be distinguished by the words  Tuit on the side and the lack of signal strength or phone connectivity. These like their brother Square Tuits are useless.

Round Tuits – Round Tuits come in many sizes and can be made from many different kinds of materials. Round tuits can be identified by their lack of corners and have the word  “tuit” marked on them.. Round tuits should be light enough to carry and small enough to fit in a pocket for easy storage. Keychains or coasters are great for this. Extremely large or heavy round tuits cannot be carried, which allows  excuses due to lack of proximity, and very small or flimsy round tuits can be lost, destroyed or otherwise made ineffective, thus canceling the effects of any gumption or stick-to-it-iveness. Getting a round tuit means finally being able to do all those things you’ve been putting off.

Hop Tuits – A close cousin to Round Tuits, Hop Tuits can be any shape, size or color but are characterized by their ability to start fires, make loud noises and/or otherwise jar the procrastinator into action. Hop Tuits usually have the words Hop Tuit written somewhere on them. They can be very hard to use on oneself. Round Tuits are generally more popular for personal use because they require no damage, no explosions and no yelling.

Stick Tuits – Craftily shaped like ordinary sticks with the word “tuit” stamped or otherwise affixed to the side, these tuits are useful once you have gotten a Round Tuit. Stick Tuits allow one to continue doing what they are doing once a Round Tuit has been acquired.

Many people make the mistake of getting a Round Tuit, but then fail to Stick Tuit.

Justnowgetting Tuit- That’s in the Tell Them Anything So I Can Goof Off For Another Hour Aisle.

It’s the blob shaped one, because the engineers couldn’t figure out what justnowgetting is shaped like.


Now that we have identified the different types of Tuits let’s discuss where to get a round tuit. You can look for them on line.Just do a search for Round tuits and you will find lots of different styles. Or if you have the gumption you can make yourself one.

Here is a pattern for a coaster one made with plastic canvas.

The only problem with making yourself one is you have to get a round tuit. It is a catch 22.  So I hope you have a stick tuit so you can make this easy round tuit to gift to a friend or keep for yourself.

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