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What’s cooking?

I have a bridal shower coming up soon. I like to make special gifts for the bride, not just go to a store and buy one. This is for a daughter of a friend of mine who is a little older then my daughter. I happen to know she likes to bake and cook. She is always getting recipes from different people, so I decided to make her a recipe book that she can add her own recipes into. She does not like using a smart phone or tablet so I know she will us this.

The first thing I did was buy a small three ring (or as they have here a 2 ring) binder. I bought dividers and lined papers which I split up and put inside the binder.

I also wrote a small recipe for a peaceful marriage that I laminated and put in the front. It is a personal one for this girl so I didn’t include it here.

Next I cut out a light green paper to fit the inside of the notebook. The notebook that I found was a clear binder so I was able to attach the page to the inside. If you find a colored one you have to attach it to the outside. As the corners of the notebook I chose where rounded I took a round punch and punched out the two outside corners only. I wanted a very simple design as the girl is not into fancy things. You can design yours any way you like. I wrote out using stencils the word Recipes in colors that she likes. I made the word arch just to add a little something to the design. After the wording had dried I cut out the design from the front of the invitation that we were given and glued that onto the paper under the word Recipes.

Because I didn’t want the paper to be ruined if something spilled on it I decided to go with my favorite thing of clear contact paper. I use contact paper for everything it seems. I cut out a piece the size of the inside of my notebook, if you are placing yours on the outside I suggest you do the same. It makes it easy to wipe down if it gets dirty and protects the work you did on the paper.

I then placed the paper facing out on the inside of the notebook. If yours needs to go on the outside you would then place it there. I taped down only the side near the binder clips. This was to temporarily hold the paper steady when I covered it in clear contact paper. Starting from the outside edge I applied the contact paper. Truth is if you are putting it on the inside you could also use a pretty colored or patterned contact paper. I removed the tape I had placed to hold the paper to the notebook just before I reached that area with the contact paper.

Contact paper is best put on from one end to the other smoothing out the air bubbles as you go. If when you are done you still have some you can prick them with a pin and smooth the air out then.

And that finished the easy shower gift idea I came up with.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below or a picture of yours if you did one.

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