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Time to join the Band

My daughters watch band broke and she asked me if I could make her one. She does not like the plastic or leather bands so I decided to make her a bead one. This also made the watch a little fancier.  There were a few challenges to this project.

  1. The watch was not made to have a bead band on it. It was made for a plastic or leather band.
  2. The width of the band area was not small but neither was it large. Limiting the size of the beads that could be used
  3. It needed to be strong enough to stay on an active person for everyday use.
  4. The type of clasp to be used needed to be one that could be put on by a single hand yet be very strong.

I asked my daughter what type of band she wanted.She choose the beads she liked. She did not want a seed bead one so this created a few extra challenges.

  1. Do I do a one strand (right away said to weak), or a two strand. (Three was to wide)
  2. What type of strands to use to thread the beads on. (I chose a solid silver chain as it was the strongest and most flexible at the same time)
  3. Do the strands need to be attached. (The first time I did this for her I didn’t attach them and it was not as strong or secure)
  4. If attaching the strands can I do it by threading both strands threw one bead (The holes in the beads needed to be large enough for this.  I found that this didn’t lay right after trying it)
  5. Since I still needed a way to attach them what to use, Thin wire rap (This can poke and be scratchy), A different bead that had two holes (not ones she chose) or as I did in the end a small metal spacer that had actually three holes. I only used the outside two.

This left just the original challenges

For the fist challenge I tried using end clasps that had a hole big enough to fit on the metal post that attaches the band to the watch. The problem with this was that the metal post was a spring post and the clasps kept pushing on the spring and pulling the post off. So I tried a clasp that you bend to attach but with use this kept opening up. To much pressure on the wrap part. In the end I took a click ring and made it smaller and attached that.

This created a second problem of sliding to much on the metal post so I put a small spacer attached to the click rings stopping the two strands from sliding either to close or to far from each other.

By attaching the strands together and using a chain I solved the second and third problems.

That left just the clasp to be solved. At first I used a fancy clasp that was easy to attach with one hand but after repeated wear we found that it was also to easy to open by accident and so we went back to the drawing board. In the end we used a medium size clasp and a large ring to attach them. We found after a little practice that she could put it on and take it off with one hand.


Let me know what you think of the band idea by leaving a comment below. And if you try it post a picture of yours too.

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