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Flower Necklace


Some time ago a certain style of jewelry became very popular in my area. I personally didn’t like it to much. It was a flower motif but each petal of the flower was made from a different color stone. Also the stones were glued down onto a metal flower shape and had a tendency to keep falling off. Granted the company who made them would replace them for free but it took a while to get the piece of jewelry back.

I was just starting to experiment with my own style of Jewelry at the time. What I came up with was a combination of wire twisting and threading bead flowers. I could make them all all different colors as you see in the picture above. I used white, blue, purple and even pink to make the flowers along with a green bead for the center.

These flowers were very versatile. I could thread a stronger gauge wire threw the middle and make a simple loop to attach to earrings or a ring (as pictured below) just as easily as I used them in a necklace.

pink flower bead dangle earrings
pink flower bead dangle earrings
pink flower ring


It was lots of fun coming up with these and I have made some really great jewelry with them.

You can find more samples of these flower beads and other kinds of jewelry that I have made on Jewelry Island. (click the link to take a trip there)


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