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Sewing State is where you will find all the projects for your sewing machine and you.



Clothing Confederation holds all the clothing patterns and ideas to sew for you and your family, friends too.

Quilting Quarry is where all the quilting tips and patterns can be mined.

Accessory Arena sports all the other sewing projects and items.

Here’s a few of the latest

Quilted Owl comes to live in the Owlery

  Here I go again. My kitchen is my Owlery. I have all kinds of Owls all over my kitchen from my plastic canvas clock to my crochet cookie container covers. Well a new one just joined the crew. I love owls and so I wanted to try quilting an Owl patch. The truth to… Read More Quilted Owl comes to live in the Owlery

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Quilt Owl

You will need: The pattern found here Owl patch pattern Material of your choice Thread to match your material small needle Directions: Cut out the pattern from the pdf Cut the number indicated on each pattern piece from what ever material you have chosen. Sew the two body pieces together with right sides facing each other. Leave… Read More Quilt Owl

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Sarah’s Dress

My daughter wanted to make herself a fancy dress. We went out and found material she liked and a lace material to go over it.   We found when sewing it that the material was too slippery and thinly woven for my machine. We added some iron on interfacing strips to the material to give… Read More Sarah’s Dress

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