Jewelry Islands

Come check out all the Jewelry scattered threw the Islands.

Don’t forget to look for matching Necklaces and Earrings and Bracelets.

Necklace Isle has bead, wire twist, and lots more necklaces to visit.

Bracelet Bar is slowly filling up with pretty bracelets

Earring Enclave is where all the earrings hang out.

Pendent Peninsula has all the independent pendents to see.

Ring Road is where all the rings hang around.


Eyeglass holder necklace

I am never sure what you really call these. Are they an eyeglass necklace, are they an eyeglass chain? Whatever they are this one is going as a gift to someone who is always misplacing their reading glasses. This way they can hang them around their neck and look stylish at the same time. It… Read More Eyeglass holder necklace

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Time to join the Band

My daughters watch band broke and she asked me if I could make her one. She does not like the plastic or leather bands so I decided to make her a bead one. This also made the watch a little fancier.  There were a few challenges to this project. The watch was not made to… Read More Time to join the Band

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