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basket weave owl and tote



The pattern for the base of the basket is from a free Redheart pattern   I didn’t make the handles or decorations from that pattern I have listed them below. I used a dark gray and a light gray yarn.

Owl basket

For the Owls eyes I used a textured white yarn. I can’t tell you the brand as it was scrap yarn I had laying around. To describe it I would say that it had small and larger bumps of yarn in the strands. That helped give the eyes the textured and older wiser look if you ask me.

All terms are in American Crochet

  • slst = slip stitch
  • ch = chain
  • sc = single crochet
  • hdc = half double crochet
  • dc = double crochet
  • bpdc = back post double crochet
  • trbc = treble crochet

Make 2 eyes

I used a size 4cm crochet hook but you can use any that fits your yarn and the size you want to get.

In a magic circle

round 1) sc 12x, slst to join in first sc. (12)

round 2) ch 2, slst in second sc of round 1, *ch2 skip 1 sc, slst in next* repeat around (6 sets of ch2)

round 3) ch1, 3hdc in each chain set around , sl to join (18)

round 4) ch1, * sc, 3sc in same stitch* repeat around slst in first sc. Fasten off, weave in ends (36)

attach yarn to sc of round 1

round 5) ch 1, 2dc in each sc of round 1, slst to join (24)

round 6) ch 1, * bpdc, dc in same stitch as you just bpdc around,* repeat around, slst to join, Fasten off and weave in ends (48)

glue a googly eye to center of eye.


for the beak I used a pink again left over scrap yarn and a 4cm hook

In a magic circle

round 1) 6 sc, join with slst (6)

round 2) ch1, sc around (6)

round 3) ch1, *2sc, sc* repeat around (9)

round 4) ch1, sc around (9)

round 5) ch1, *2sc, sc* repeat around (14)

round 6) ch1, sc around. Fasten off leaving long enough tail to sew on to basket (14)


Sew eyes and beak to basket

Tote Bag

for the tote bag I used a pink and a purple yarn I did not fasten off at end of basket but did the handles diffrently then the redheart pattern. You can make yours as long as you would like them mine are 48cm long.

round 1) sc in next 24 stitches, ch 62, skip 24 stitches, sc in next 24 stitches, ch 62, sl in first sc.

round 2) sl in next 22 stitches, skip 1 stitches, Db in 62 ch stitches, skip1st, slst  in next 22 stitches, skip 1 stitch, Db in 62 ch stitches, sl to first sl of round, fasten off and weave in ends.

For the hearts I made 1 large purple, 1 small purple, 2 large pink, 1 small pink. All the hearts were done with only one yarn at a time.

Small heart

Work all stitches into a magic circle

Ch 3, 4 trb, 3 db, ch1, 3 db, 4 trb, ch 3 and sl into magic circle. fasten off and leave tail to sew on to basket

Large heart

work same as small heart only don’t fasten off after round 1

round 2) ch 4, sc in top of first ch3 of round 1, sc x3 in first trb of round 1, sc in next 6 stitches, ch1, skip ch stitch, sc in next 6 stitches, sc x3 in next stitch, sc in last trb stitch of round 1 ch 4 and sl into middle of magic circle (not round 1).

round 3) ch 5, sc in each stitch around including ch1 at bottom of heart,(last ch4 stitch doesn’t count as a stitch) ch 5 sl into middle of magic circle. Fasten off.


Sew hearts to basket.

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