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Challah Cover

Years age (I won’t say how long), I taught a group of young girls to do many of the handcrafts that I love. I started with teaching them to do embroidery.  I drew patterns on material for them to make a Challah Cover. For those who don’t know a Challah Cover is used on the Sabbath during the meals. One family had three girls in the class. Once the girls had learned to do the stitches I taught them I sent them home with the project to finish. From this family only one finished their Cover. The family has been using this Cover for years.

Well the daughter who finished her Cover just got married. As she would now need her own I made her one as a wedding present.

I decided to use the logo she had made for the center of the cover.

I made a copy of it and then placed it behind the material then traced with a pencil the pattern  ( the material I used for the front was thin enough to see the print.  If the material you are using is not see threw you can place the picture on top of the material as I did in the washcloth project.)  click here to see that project .

I did the same thing with the candlesticks I drew. candle stick pattern and the words.

It took me about 3 days to embroider the patterns. Then I took a stronger material for the backing and lace for the edging. Sewed them together and the gift was done.

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