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Note Holder

  This is a great craft to do with your kids. It allows you to leave them personalized notes or directions. Each child will know who the note is for by the picture on the holder.  You can make each holder personalized by putting a picture that has meaning to each child or family member.… Read More Note Holder

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Round Tuits – How Can You Get Anything Done Without One?

Round Tuits are the hardest things to own. We all need to get a round tuit for something or other. Before we get into where to get a round tuit, let us identify the different kinds of tuits.   Tuits come in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes. Square Tuits – These tuits have… Read More Round Tuits – How Can You Get Anything Done Without One?

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Wooden Owls

  Yes I have more Owls to go in my kitchen.  Let me tell you how this came about.  I think it was about a year ago my oldest son and I were window shopping at our local mall. I had already decorated my kitchen out in owls and my kids had said “Please no… Read More Wooden Owls

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Weddings Galore

  This past week we have had 2 weddings to go to and another one tomorrow. I quickly made up some cards for each one. For the first one I took a patch I had embroidered of wine glasses and made that the center of the card. I glued it on to a black background… Read More Weddings Galore

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What’s cooking?

I have a bridal shower coming up soon. I like to make special gifts for the bride, not just go to a store and buy one. This is for a daughter of a friend of mine who is a little older then my daughter. I happen to know she likes to bake and cook. She… Read More What’s cooking?

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Quilted Owl comes to live in the Owlery

  Here I go again. My kitchen is my Owlery. I have all kinds of Owls all over my kitchen from my plastic canvas clock to my crochet cookie container covers. Well a new one just joined the crew. I love owls and so I wanted to try quilting an Owl patch. The truth to… Read More Quilted Owl comes to live in the Owlery

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Time to join the Band

My daughters watch band broke and she asked me if I could make her one. She does not like the plastic or leather bands so I decided to make her a bead one. This also made the watch a little fancier.  There were a few challenges to this project. The watch was not made to… Read More Time to join the Band

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Crochet Pillow

My daughter wanted something special for her dorm room.  She likes when I make her things. So for a surprise I made her the purple pillow for her bed. (all her bedding is either purple or pink).   The first thing I did was take graph paper and draw out the heart and her name… Read More Crochet Pillow

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Flower Necklace

  Some time ago a certain style of jewelry became very popular in my area. I personally didn’t like it to much. It was a flower motif but each petal of the flower was made from a different color stone. Also the stones were glued down onto a metal flower shape and had a tendency… Read More Flower Necklace

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Sarah’s Dress

My daughter wanted to make herself a fancy dress. We went out and found material she liked and a lace material to go over it.   We found when sewing it that the material was too slippery and thinly woven for my machine. We added some iron on interfacing strips to the material to give… Read More Sarah’s Dress

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