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Wooden Owls


Yes I have more Owls to go in my kitchen.  Let me tell you how this came about. 

I think it was about a year ago my oldest son and I were window shopping at our local mall. I had already decorated my kitchen out in owls and my kids had said “Please no more crochet Owls”. So of course I was looking for other kids of Owls to put in my kitchen. Well there is a novelty store in our mall that carries everything from kitchen things to fancy chess games. My Son and I like to glance threw at all the things we would never buy. Well they had these wooden Owl plaques that were very expensive. My son who loves to work with wood said to me I could make that a lot cheaper.

So I said good what would you need.

We could not find the supplies to make the exact replica of the owls we saw but I think the ones we came up with are much nicer.

First he tried to make it all wood but we couldn’t find the right type of wood to use to make the wings look right. We kept looking around for different types of tree slabs that would work. Well about a year later we gave up and came up with the idea to use felt. Then he said “Look, I have the other half of the tree plaque why don’t you do an all felt one.”

The directions to how we actually made the owls are here.


So that’s how I came up with the two Owls that I will be hanging in my kitchen above the window.

Let me know what you think about them by commenting below.

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