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Wooden Owl Plaque



You will need:

  • Large wooden tree plaque
  • Felt in two colors + orange for the feet and beak + white for eyes if not using buttons
  • googly eyes
  • wooden buttons
  • Small amount of yarn that matches the felt colors
  • Tree branch
  • small piece of wood for nose if using wood
  • Thread to match the felt
  • two sided tape
  • large paper clip
  • pattern which you can find here Wooden Owl Pattern
  • needle
  • scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • small hand saw



1-Saw the wooden tree plaque in half (or if it is a small one just saw the bottom off so you have a flat side)

2-Saw slightly up the sides of the bottom of the plaque to create the bottom of your Owl.


3-Cut out of felt the wings, feet, beak and eyes if using felt. You can cut out either 1 of each wing or 2 if you want the extra layer.  (the owl on the left has two layers the owl on the right has just one)

4- Cut a bunch of feathers out of the two different colors of felt

5- Lay the feathers out on top of the wing alternating colors. (This way you will know when you have enough feathers). Start at the bottom of the wing and work your way up.


6- Flip the wing with the feathers on it over and remove the wing leaving the feathers laid out .

7- Sew the feathers on to the wing. (I simply tacked them down with one stitch on the top of each feather.) Start at the bottom and work your way up.


8- Lay out the pieces of your Owl on your wooden plaque until you have them looking the way you want them.

9- Cut larger then you think you need pieces of yarn for your ear tuffs. (I cut one piece from each color and folded them in half)

10- Using the hot glue gun, glue your ear tuffs in place.

11- Glue eyes, beak, wings, and feet to your wooden plaque. (When I used the wooden buttons I used foam two sided tape to tape them down as this gave a more 3D look. For everything else I used the glue gun)

12- Glue the googly eyes in place over either the button or the felt

13- Glue your branch on to the bottom of your Owl. (Again I used the glue gun for this)

14- As I was going to hang my owl on the wall I turned it over and using the hot glue gun again glued the paper clip on to the back to create a hook to hang it from. I used a lot of hot glue to attach it.

15- Once all your glue is hard. I frayed the yarn to make it look more like feathers


And there you have your wooden Owl plaque.


Leave a comment below along with a picture of your wooden Owl plaque.

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