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Raccoon Cozie


You will need:

  • 4.5 mm hook
  • 3 mm hook
  • Gray yarn sport or worsted weight
  • black yarn sport or thinner weight
  • White yarn sport or worsted weight
  • 2 small size buttons
  • 1 medium size button
  • 2 small flower buttons for eyes
  • needle



working with gray yarn and 4.5 mm hook Ch 51

1) working in back loop of chain (Turn chain over to find) starting in second chain from hook sc x 50, ch 1 turn (50 stitches)

2) sc x 42, ch 9 (42 stitches 9 chain)

3-10) sc x 50, ch 1 and turn (50 stitches)

11) sc x 42, ch 9 (42 stitches 9 chain)

12) sc x 50 (50 stitches)

13) sl x 14, in next stitch sc and Dc, Tbl in next stitch, in next stitch Db and sc, sl in next 6 stitches, sc and Dc in next stitch, tbl in next stitch, Dc and sc in next stitch, sl to end of cozie. fasten off weave in ends

14) attach gray yarn one stitch before beginning of ears. sc x2, 3sc in top of ear, sc x 2, sl x 6, sc x2, 3sc in top of ear, sc x 2 sl, fasten and weave in ends.

Eyes (make 2)

working with black and smaller hook 3 mm

Ch 7

  1. working from second ch from hook, sc,Hdc, Dc x2, Hdc, 3sc, going back up chain Hdc in next stitch, Dc x2, Hdc, 2sc
  2. fasten off and weave in ends.
  3. Attach white at one end of eye and sc across (6 stitches) sl to end and fasten off.
  4. sew small flower buttons on to eyes.


with white and smaller hook 3 mm

  1. sc x 6 in magic circle
  2. 2sc x3, sl and fasten off
  3. with black sew on nose tip and mouth


Attach eyes and mouth to front of raccoon

sew small buttons on top and bottom of one end

sew medium button in middle


Hope your Raccoon keeps a smile on your face. Leave a comment below and a picture of your raccoon too.


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