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Quilt Owl

You will need:

The pattern found here Owl patch pattern

Material of your choice

Thread to match your material

small needle


  1. Cut out the pattern from the pdf
  2. Cut the number indicated on each pattern piece from what ever material you have chosen.
  3. Sew the two body pieces together with right sides facing each other. Leave a small space to flip it.
  4. Flip the body pieces  so right sides face out.
  5. Do steps 3-4 for all of the pieces except the eyes and wings
  6. The wings you will sew one right side wing to one left side wing and then flip them so the right side is facing out.
  7. I did a running stitch around the outside of all the pieces except the feet to make them lay flat and add texture.
  8. Sew the belly pieces to the body
  9. Sew the beak on to the bottom of the head in the middle as pictured
  10. Sew the head on top of the belly and body as pictured
  11. Sew the wings to the sides
  12. Sew the feet on the bottom
  13. For the eyes I did a gather stitch around the outside and then pulled tight to form a round circle. I found it easier to do this with a small disk placed at the back to help gather.
  14. To attach the eyes I embroidered with a satin stitch a sideways triangle. This also created the pupils for the eyes.

Your Owl patch is now done and can be added to any quilt you would like.


Hope you have a Whooot making these. Leave a comment and picture of your Owl below.

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