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Owl Container 1

As the pattern that I took the idea from is no longer available for people to follow I am going to put my own copy here.

For the bottom of the Owl. I used the crocodile stitch pattern which I got from watching the first 25:30 min of:

How to Crochet A Purse: Mermaid Tears – Crocodile Stitch – YouTube

You need to measure your Jar and make sure that you are doing enough Crocodile Stitches to go all the way around but that it is not too loose. Also make sure you make it the right height for your container or jar.

At this point I switched to the wings and beak pattern at

Craft Notes 

this is also the site that gave me the link to the original pattern.

For the eyes I used my own version  For normal round eyes.

I decided to make him sleepy so I made it all one color.

I added some small frayed yarn as ear tuffs on the two sides.

Last I added a small elastic string around the inside top to help hold it up as I found after much use it would slip down the sides of the Jar.

Hope you have a  whoool barrel of fun making this.

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