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Owl Bag Holder

As we all have, I had too many plastic bags hanging around my kitchen. I didn’t want to throw them away as they can be very useful.

So I decided to make a bag holder out of plastic canvas.


I took one full sheet of plastic Canvas and cut a small square space out of the middle of the bottom part to be able to pull the bags out from the bottom.

Then I decided on the colors I wanted to use. I chose 3 colors, Maroon, Light blue and Dark blue

The pattern I used was a check pattern for the top

Using the maroon yarn:

Rows 1-6) *6 small diagonal stitches then skip 6 spaces * repeat across

Rows 7-12 ) * skip 6 spaces then 6 small diagonal stitches* repeat across


I repeated rows 1-12 4 times. This left me with some unworked spaces


I then switched to the dark blue yarn and went back to the top of the canvas to start filling in.

I worked the first 4 rows together starting with a small one space stitch, increasing to a 5 space stitch

skipping the spaces marked sk and starting after the maroon square I repeated the pattern across (click on the pictures to get a larger look at the diagram)

Switching to the lt blue yarn I filled in the rest of the squares working a 6 space stitch down to a one space stitch

Skiping the maroon square and the  blue parts I repeated the pattern across.

I like to weave the yarn behind the blue so you see the pattern on both sides


For the next set of squares I did the dark blue increased to a six space stitch

And the light blue was only a 5 space stitch down to a one.


I repeated these 2 sets of square rows 3 times. At this point I was tired of that pattern and decided to use the dark blue to do long 12 space diagonal stitches across.

Then I finished up with lt blue diagonal stitches across the bottom and opposite stripes of lt. blue across the 12 space stitches.

This completes the front of the bag holder.

Using a whip stitch I attached the front to a round plastic canvas for the bottom. Trimed the circle strait across where the front ended



Lastly whip stitched a plain unworked piece of plastic canvas on the back.


The owl was added later.

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