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One square knitted Rabbit

While flipping threw the internet to get some ideas I came across a pattern for a one square knitted rabbit. I liked the idea but I wanted to try it using the stocking knit stitch as I like the look better. So here is my version on the pattern.

Mine is a small rabbit but if you want a larger one just make a larger square.

You will need:

size 5 needles or 3.75 mm knitting needles

Some left over yarn in what ever color you want to do your Rabbit, (I used Pink)

some white or black yarn for the eyes and nose

Yarn needle for sewing up the square

Directions :

cast on 40 st. I like to knit mine on

Stocking knit until you have a square.

Stocking knit means knit one whole row then purl one whole row.

Finish off.

Once you have the square sew with a gather stitch (just in and out strait) a triangle on half the square. Look at the picture to help.

Start and finish at the red arrow .

Gather the yarn together filling the triangle with cotton at the same time. This forms the head and ears.

tie a knot with the ends of the yarn once you have pulled it as tight as you can. You will then see the ears have formed on their own. Continue to sew down the length of the rest of the square. This will close up the back of the rabbit. Do not tie off.

Stuff the body

Sew a gathering stitch around the bottom of the square (Not a square anymore really) This will close up the end of the rabbit. Pull tight and sew hole closed if need be.

Tie off tight. I like to leave a tail of yarn to sew the pompom on a second time (I will explain more at the end)

Using a yarn needle I embroidered a nose and eyes on the head.

If you look closely at my eyes it is really just three small stitches in a triangle or bird foot shape.

The nose is just a triangle which I filled in.  Some rabbits I have seen have whiskers also. I preferred mine with none.

Next I made a small pompom tail and sewed that on the back. I sew it on twice once with the string that I made the pompom with and once with the yarn from the closed bottom of the rabbit.  In order to use the second string you have to thread it up threw the bottom to the side back where you want the tail. Unless you want to put your tail on the bottom and have your rabbit lay on it’s tummy.

There you have a small cute rabbit from one knitted square. This is a great first knit project for beginner knitters.

Hope you enjoy

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