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Knitted Owl

You will need:

one ball of main color yarn (I used
small amount of white and brown yarn if you are going to crochet the eyes
small amount of orange yarn if you are going to crochet the feet
small amount of orange string for emboidering the beak

felt for eyes and feet if not crochetting them.

size 5 needles

Cast on 48 stitches
Stocking stitch for 5 cm. (knit one row, purl one row)
*k1,p1 across
k1,p1 across
p1,k3 across
p3,k1 across
k1,p1 across
k1,p1 across
k2,p1,k3 across
p2,k1,p3 across*

repeat pattern from * to * for 8cm
stocking stitch for 2 cm
knit off leaving long tail to sew up sides

Sew side seams together
Fold in half with back seam in middle
sew top together (Top is the 5 cm of stocking stitch)

gather bottom together by sewing around bottom and pulling tight.

(Picture is from the Knitted Kitty pattern but the concept is the same)

Sew on eyes. For mine I crochet the eyes (click here for link to directions)

or you can cut out of felt.

Embroider the beak with orange string

Cut small amounts of yarn and sew on top  corners to create ear tuffs .

Fray the yarn to get a fuzzier look.

Sew on feet.  For mine I crochet them. (directions below)

or you can cut them out of felt.

I hope WHOOO ever you make this for enjoys it as much as I did creating the pattern.

Feet directions
4cm hook
1) 3 Db in 2nd chain from hook, turn
2) ch3, sl into top of first Db,
3) sl into next Db, ch3, sl into same Db,
4) sl into next Db, ch3, sl into same Db, fasten off

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