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Knitted Kitty

size 5 needles
1 ball yarn

Cast on 44 stitches

Stocking knit for 8 cm ending on a row of knit stitches

(Stocking knit is one row of knit, one row of purl stitches)

K1,P1 across for 4 rows

*K1,P1 across for 4 rows
knit across one row
P1,K1 across for 4 rows
Purl across one row *

Repeat pattern from * to * until mesures 15cm (about 4x)

Knit off leaving long tail to sew together.

Fold square in half right sides facing each other

and sew long sides together

fold so seam is in the middle of the tube that you just created (Picture shown here is from Knitted Owl but it is the same concept)
sew top together

turn right side out keeping back seam in the middle
sew small triangles on top to form ears.


Gather bottom of cat together (sewing around the bottom opening and pull string together)

Tie a ribbon around neck pulling slightly to gather together to form neck

Embroider eyes and nose on the head

Add yarn to make whiskers

Cut 12 40cm strings
Fold all 12 strings in half and attach to bottom back of cat
Briad all 12 strings together to form tail. tie off ends leaving a small amount of fluff on ending

Enjoy your  kitty.

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