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Knitted Bear

You will need:

Brown yarn (not even a half skein) or any color you wish to make your bear

Small amount of white and light blue for the face


size 5 knitting needles or 3.75 cm


Cast on 45 stitches (I like to knit mine on but it doesn’t really matter)

stocking stitch until you have a square. If you want a more fuzzy looking bear you can do a garter stitch.

(Stocking stitch is one row knit, one row purl. Garter is to just knit all the rows)

Once you have your square knit off and fasten off your yarn leaving a long tail to sew up the sides.

fold square in half and sew down one side.

Next gather the top of the square together by sewing a running stitch around the edge and pulling to close the top.

(The picture if from the Knitted Kitty but the concept is the same)

Tie off the yarn tightly making sure there is no hole on top.

Take two of the gathers that were formed when you pulled tight and flaten down to form the ears (two half circles, one on each side of the head.)

Sew across the half circles you just formed to keep them flat.

Stuff the body of the bear.

To form the head and neck you will need to sew around the body about 1/3 of the way from the top down and gather slighly to pull the neck in.

Gather the bottom of the bear just like the top.

To make the arms : (you will need 2)

cast on 12 stitches

stocking stitch for 10 rows (or if you did the garter stitch you can do that here too)

knit off leaving a long tail for sewing.

Fold the rectangle in half and sew up the sides and top

stuff (careful not to over stuff)

sew the bottom together.

Sew the arms to the side of the body

Make a pompom for the tail and sew on the back

Embroider eyes, nose and mouth on head.

Enjoy your quick and easy bear. Don’t forget to give him a name. (Mine is Coco, cause he likes chocolate).

Send me comment with a picture of your bear. (Don’t forget to tell me his name)

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