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I love Reading bookmark

I decided to make a bookmark as a gift.

The person who the bookmark is intended for loves to read from real books not ebooks. So I chose to do the I love Reading.

Once I chose the theme I decided on the size. I did not want a very large one as I was mailing the gift to the person.  The whole bookmark is only 12 cm long and 4 cm wide.

You will need:

Felt rectangle 12 cm X 4 cm (If you want a longer or wider one that is up to you)

Embroidery thread (I used green you can use any color or colors you want)

white material  14 cm x 6 cm

embroidery needle



Draw on the felt with a pencil the design you want on the book mark. I did the one pictured.

I drew a simple letter I and then to make it thicker I sewed from one side of the letter to the other doing a satin stitch instead of doing a backstitch as I did for the word Reading.

For the heart I filled it in with a satin stitch from one side of the heart to the other.

Last I did the book and the word Reading in a simple backstitch to outline the picture and words.

Since this was going to be a stand alone book mark and not used for card-making or scrap-booking I decided it needed to have a backing. I didn’t want all the strings on the back to be seen or get caught on anything.

I folded the edge of the white material in 1 cm on each side and sewed it on to the bookmark using a backstitch. I sewed it holding it from the felt side so that it created an outline around the bookmark. I made sure when sewing it that I sewed threw both layers. And when knotting it that the knot was hidden between the layers.

Hope you have fun making yours. Leave a comment below and a picture of yours too.

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