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Embroidered Washcloth

You will need:

embroidery hoop (size to fit your design and towel)

washcloth or Towel (your choice in colors)

embroidery thread (your choice in colors)

printout of name or design you wish to embroider

embroidery needle

sewing pins



  1. Center printout on top of the washcloth or towel you are using and pin down
  2. Place towel with printout on it in hoop. Making sure both towel and printout are pulled tight in the hoop.
  3. Using a short running stitch outline each letters in the name or the design you are doing. You will want to do each letter separately knotting and cutting the tread in between so there is no thread on the back between each letter. I have removed the “S” from the printout in the picture on the right so you can see the outline of the letter on the washcloth.
  4. Once all the letters are outlined remove the washcloth from the hoop and take off the paper printout. You will want to do this very carefully. The running stich you made around the letters will act like a punch out on the paper but you have to be careful not to pull the threads when cutting away the letters. Make sure you have removed all of the paper.
  5. Now that you have removed the paper put the towel back in the hoop.
  6. The Running stitch you did now acts like the drawing of your design and you can do a Satin Stitch to fill in the letters. Remember to cut the thread and start new with each letter so the back of the towel does not have long pieces of thread between the letters that are easily caught and pulled.

Note: I hid the knots under the Satin stitch on the back to make a neater look.

Leave a comment below along with a picture of the project you did. I would love to see them.

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