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Ducky Lovey

I used one skein each of Yellow, Blue, and Orange Worsted weight.

I did a second one in a light Worsted and had to adjust the pattern.

[For this one I used Yellow, Light blue and Orange]

The Adjustments will be in [ ] Stitch count will be in { }

Hook size

Head (yellow yarn)

  1. 6 sc in magic circle {6}
  2. Inc each stitch {12}
  3. Sc, inc around {18}
  4. Sc x2, inc, around {24}
  5. Sc x3, inc, around {30}
  6. Sc x4, inc, around {36}
  7. Sc x5, inc, around {42}

8-12. [8-14]  sc around {42}

  1. [15] 5 sc, dec around {36}
  2. [16] 4 sc, dec, around {30}
  3. [17] sc x3, dec, around {24}
  4. [18] sc x2, dec, around {18}

Stuff head but don’t over stuff.

17. [19] sc, dec, around {12}

18. [20] dec around {6}

19. [21] slst around to close hole do not fasten off.


Wings (same yarn as head)


Start where you left off of head.


  • Ch 11
  • Sc in second ch from hook and next 8 sc.
  • 3sc in next ch. (This should be the ch attached to the head. You will be turning to go back up the other side of the chains at this point. You need to work this as though the ch were not attached to the head)
  • Sc x 8 up the back of the chain
  • 2sc in last ch st.

{This completes your first round of the wing use a stitch marker to mark off}



  • Do two more rounds on the wing doing 2 sc stitches at each end.  (If you want a larger wing do another round)
  • Sc down one side of wing so that you are at the head again.


  • Slst to other side of closing on head
  • Repeat from step on (ch11) to do other wing. Do not fasten off

{Slst  wings down if needed.}


Blanket part (I used both yellow and blue yarn)

You are going to form an attached circle to start your 5 sided granny square.

  • Ch 3 pic
  • Sl to other side of wings and head (Pic
  • Ch 2 sl to bottom of first ch of ch3 to form a circle
  • Ch 2, dc 2x in circle
  • Ch 2 dc 3x in circle
  • Repeat step 5 3x
  • Ch 2 and attach to top of first ch2 from step

You now have the first round of a 5 sided granny square. Continue making the granny square until it is the length that you want. I changed colors every two rounds ending with the dark blue.

[for the lt worsted weight I changed colors every 3 rounds and ended with a yellow]


Beak (I used orange yarn for this)

  1. Ch 5
  2. Sc in second ch from hook
  3. Sc in next 2 ch
  4. 2sc in last ch
  5. Sc in back of next two ch
  6. Sc in back of the same ch as step 2
  7. -9. (7-11) Sc around

Sl and fasten off leaving a long tail to sew onto head.


Fold the beak in half and sew strongly onto head. I did each stitch 2x to make sure it stays on. Babies and little kids like pulling at things.

Sew on eyes as pictured.

I made a large knot at the end of the yarn and pulled it threw from the back of the head. I use the crochet hook to pull the knot threw to the stuffing side.

To finish when making the last stitch in the eyes I drew the needle up to the top of the head and sewed a knot there, leaving a small piece of yarn for feathers. I separated out the threads to make the feathers.

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