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Wedding Card

I forgot that I had a wedding to attend and had not made a card to go with the gift. There was about an hour before I had to leave. That left me with a half hour to get dressed and ready and a half hour to make a card. So I quickly went to my scrap-book and card making supplies. I decided the fastest way was to make a large Tag type card instead of a folding card.

I found in my stash of papers some pretty flowery silver paper which I designed the card around.

I then use punches to punch the corners of the rectangle I had found. I cut a slightly larger rectangle in the green paper for the background and used different punches on the corners of that.

Now I had to decide on what to do in the middle. I did not want writing on the front.

I next found a different green paper for the middle and cut out the oval that you see pictured.

Placing a silver strip of hearts in the middle  and outlining the oval in dark gray didn’t quite make the card look finished. It needed something else.

That something else was a small ribbon rose I had that got glued in the center top of the oval.

And there I had a Wedding Card Tag done in less then a half hour.

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