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Sarah’s Dress

My daughter wanted to make herself a fancy dress. We went out and found material she liked and a lace material to go over it.


We found when sewing it that the material was too slippery and thinly woven for my machine. We added some iron on interfacing strips to the material to give it more of a grip in the machine and this worked well.


First she cut out the material for the top vest part and then cut the lace material to match. She pinned the front lace to the front piece and the back lace to the back piece. As we were semi pressed for time we then pinned the front to the back and sewed the shoulder seams and the side seams.


Since she didn’t want to work on the sleeves and neck with the weight of the skirt also she next did the finishing binding on those. She found that it was easier to fold the material and sew it like a hem then to try and cut strips on the bias to make a binding. This was due to the nature of the material and the lace. She also liked the look better this way.

Next she worked on the skirt.  She wanted a semi pleated look. She measured the width of the front of the top and the back of the top. She then took the skirt material and started pleating it. It took a couple of tries but she was able to get the look she wanted (number of pleats). She then sewed a simple long stitch to hold the pleats in place.


Next she wanted the pleats to come from under the top so she hemmed the top of the dress before she attached the skirt pieces. She attached the front to the front then the back to the back. She did not sew the front skirt to the back skirt until after we had cut the skirt down to the length she wanted. We did this after the sewing so it was easier then trying to measure the skirt first. (She tried it on and I pinned it to mark where to cut)


After cutting it she sewed up the side seams and the hem.


That finished the dress itself. She wanted a band with some flowers to go around the waist line.

She measured the length she needed and sewed a tube band added snaps to close it and put the flowers in the middle of the band. This way she can have the flowers either in the middle of the front or on the side.

Now her fancy dress was done.


Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below and any pictures of similar dresses you have made.

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