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Quilted Owl comes to live in the Owlery

Hand quilted Owl food-processor blade cover


Here I go again. My kitchen is my Owlery. I have all kinds of Owls all over my kitchen from my plastic canvas clock to my crochet cookie container covers. Well a new one just joined the crew.

I love owls and so I wanted to try quilting an Owl patch. The truth to be told I didn’t know what I was going to do with it once I had made it. So it sat around my crafting room letting out little whoots.

Whoo is going to see me if you leave me here?

Whoo needs a place to go?

Whoo is bored sitting here?

Whoo wants something to eat?

His last Whoot gave me the idea of sewing him on to the quilted cover I have covering the blades to my food processor. The only problem was the cover was black and he is rather dark.

I decided to do a kind of off center oval in white and sew him onto that then attach the oval to the quilted cover.

And now he has a new home along with all the other Owls in my kitchen.

Thankfully he as also stopped whooting all his questions.

Check out the pattern for the Owl here.

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