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Pet Rocks

When I was little someone came up with a great money making idea called Pet Rocks. They sold plain small rocks in boxes as pets for kids. I grew up in the country so my friend and I went hunting for wild ones. We decided though that if the rocks were going to be pets they needed eyes and color. We decided to paint them and so we had better pets then those who spent money on the official Pet Rocks.

This project can actually be two. One to go hunting the rocks or Pets and one to paint and decorate them.

Here is my directions for making your own Pet Rocks with your kids. (Don’t forget to give them a name.)


  • Small rocks hunted or bought (Bought are not as much fun)
  • Paint or Puff paint (dimensional fabric paint)
  • Felt
  • Yarn (small piece for nose or longer for tail)
  • googly eyes
  • small pom poms (for fluffy tails if needed)


  1. Decide what shape of animal the rock you are going to paint looks like. Decide the color you want to make the animal.
  2. Paint the rock according to the animal you are making.
  3. Cut the felt to make ears or beaks or what ever you need for the animal you are making
  4. Cut yarn for the nose or tail according to the needs of the animal you are making.
  5. Glue the eyes in place.You can use the wet paint to glue the eyes on but unless you are using puff paint you are better off waiting until the paint is dry and then glue the eyes on.
  6. Glue on the ears, nose, and tail.
  7. Name your pet.

   A) For the Penguin (which I made many years ago for my husband) I painted it with ordinary paint white in the middle and black for the rest. Cut a orange felt for the beak (one piece folded in half) and glued that and small googly eyes for the face.

B) For the Rabbit, I used Puff paint which gave it the 3D fur look. It’s the nature of the Puff paint that allows the paint to be textured. I used a small piece of yarn for the nose, long triangle felt pieces for the ears and a small pom pom for the tail

C) For the dog, The furred look comes from the rock itself, This rock was more difficult to paint as you have to make sure you get all the little nooks and crannies. I used a small piece of yarn for the nose. You could use a longer one for the tail (You might want to braid three together to get a stronger tail) For ears I made rounded ones.

D) For the dolphin, I chose black paint but gray might have worked better. (You might have to mix black and white to make the gray). The only thing I needed was to glue googly eyes on.



Have fun making your own pets. You could even do a monster one if you wanted. Leave a comment below and a picture of your pet too if you want .

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