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Kitchen Owls

Back again about my Kitchen Owls.

At this point I had decided I was going to make my kitchen into an Owlery . My kids were not so thrilled with the idea but I love it so they are stuck until they get their own homes and kitchens.   We get these huge containers of mini crackers and mini cookies that I love. But I don’t like looking at the plain jars so I crochet cookie jar covers.

All the patterns are in Homewares Hamlet

For the first one I did I resized the pattern I found at Crocodile Stitch Owl Holder by Virginia McCreedy, on Craft Notes. The pattern is not totally posted on her site anymore but I have directions on mine. For it.

You will find the directions here in my Owl Container 1 post.

Then I reversed the colors and only did the Crocodile Stitch in the front for my second one. This was my own pattern idea that I created from the first one.

You will find the directions here in my  Owl Container 2 post


A couple of months later I added a third jar for pretzels and created a different pattern for that one. This was totally my own creation. I decided I didn’t want another Crocodile stitch Owl. So I played around and this is what I came up with.

You will find the directions here in my Owl Container 3 post.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Don’t worry there is more Owls to come. My kitchen is full of them.

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