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I wish I was an Octopus

I recently saw a tweet by someone who said they wished they were an Octopus. I can 100% agree. There are sooo many different crafts I want to do that at times I can’t choose what to do. I have an afghan for a friends daughter I am crocheting. Then there are place-mats as a wedding gift which I need two sets of as I have two weddings coming up. I would love to try knitting some of those but I am a slow knitter and so that is a different project to do.

Then there is always scrap-booking to do. I am doing a different album for each of my kids from birth to present day. I am way behind on those.

The real problem I think is not enough hours in the day to do everything and still run a home and live a life outside of crafting. I guess I need to prioritize what crafts need to be done first. Or as the person tweeted become an Octopus. (I wonder if they can really do separate things with their arms?)

Keep checking back with my site as new projects will keep appearing.

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