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Crochet Pillow

My daughter wanted something special for her dorm room.  She likes when I make her things. So for a surprise I made her the purple pillow for her bed. (all her bedding is either purple or pink).


The first thing I did was take graph paper and draw out the heart and her name in Hebrew.  I found this to be very difficult. I then did a search on the net for a site to help me with it. I found the stitch fiddle site and it was very helpful. If you are interested in making your own graph to make a graphgan or cross stitch pattern you can go to their free site

I then counted how many squares it took across and down. I decided the width and height I wanted for the pillow. This told me how many stitches to do extra on the graph of the pillow.

I wanted each square to be one stitch and I wanted the picture to be in the middle of the pillow.

I decided to use a double crochet (US terms) For the writing and the heart I used a silver for the picture and writing, for the background I used a purple. It is a simple graphgran idea only using a double crochet.

The back of the pillow is a solid purple.

I then sewed up the sides and bottom, filled it and then sewed the top closed.

I tend to do a tight stitch so I didn’t need to line the pillow. If your stitch is not tight then you might want to line it.

I also chose not to put in a zipper but if you line it you might want to use one for easier cleaning.

My daughter loves her pillow and some of her roommates have even asked about one.

Comment below and let me know what you think. Leave a picture of ones you have done. I would love to see them.

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