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Birthday card for a 12 year old girl

My niece is having her 12th birthday this week so I made a card to attach to her present.

I thought I would just describe how I made it.

The card is 14 cm by 10.5 cm. It is a top to bottom opening card. The first thing I did was cut my card 14 cm by 21 cm. I folded the card in half making it 14 cm across and 10.5 cm high with the fold on the top. I took a flat head tool I have to crease the top so it stays closed.

Next I cut out 5 heart flowers with my die cut machine from different shades of pink paper and one butterfly from purple paper. I opened up all the petals of the flowers and folded the wings of the butterfly up. Then I cut out 2 leaves of both the small and large leaves from green paper.

I also did die cuts of the candle numbers 1 and 2 to use for the 12 from one of the shades of pink paper.

I then glued everything down in place. The flowers I left the heart petals raised and the sides of the butterfly I left unglued so that it looks like the butterfly is flying.

At this point I realized the card needed something on the side of the butterfly so I put some washabi tape there.

I wanted some bling on the card too, so I stuck some sparkle dots in the middle of the flowers and some crystal drops on the candles and middle of the butterfly.

I left the inside blank so I can write a personal message to my niece.

Hope you enjoy the description and if you make one of your own let me know.

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