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21 Birthday card

I needed a birthday card for my son who just turned 21. He asked for a gift card for his present so it needed a space for that to go too.

First I decided on a Green background as growing up all his things were green. He had the green cup, the green toothbrush….

Once that was chosen I cut the card with enough width for the gift card to go inside.

I creased the middle of the card to make it fold better. I don’t have a many scrape-booking or card-making tools. I tend to improvise a great deal. I marked the middle and took a flat head electric tester or screwdriver and carefully ran that down the middle to create the crease. This is my go to tool for this type of thing.

Next I chose the embellishments I wanted to use. He is not into drinking so I didn’t want to use any references to alcohol. I found the felt cake in my birthday stickers and thought putting the numbers as candles would be great.

Next I found the Orange numbers that are also felt. I have a lot of different color and shape felt numbers. I went threw all of them till I choose these. That actually took awhile. Then I chose the Happy Birthday circle.

Next I found the green tag that I placed the cake on. And the other background papers to go with it. Cutting the paper to fit the card. I also cut the paper to match for the inside of the card. I made sure the pocket would fit a gift card (I knew it was about the size of a credit card)

I then played around with the layout until I found the one I liked. The cover needed a few extra things so I found the balloons.

Once I had everything the way I liked it I glued them down. I also glued the inside papers down then. I again used my screwdriver to create a crease around  three sides of the gift card pocket to make it hold the card better. (sides and bottom). I also checked that I only glued the sides and bottom of the pocket by using a fake card to mark the area.

I decided I wanted something more on the inside area where I was going to write my message. So I found a stencil that I thought fit the party theme of the card and inked that on. First I taped the stencil down so it wouldn’t move while I was inking it.

I chose orange to match the numbers of the cake. I next inked in the Happy birthday from a stamp I had. At this point I was done except for the message I wanted to write. As that was personal for my son it is not included here. You can write anything you want on yours.

Hope you have enjoyed this and that it gives you ideas for your own.

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